Blessed by St. Martha

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I tend to refer to any publication with Martha Stewart's name as the 'gospel according to Saint Martha' (seriously what mere mortal can do all that). Well I was flipping through my new LIVING mag and OMG! There are four local restaurants in the travel section (page 34 of the October 2013 issue for you playing at home).
This month's travel local is our own Washington, DC and I recognized a photo of Le Diplomate. I pointed to it, saying to the Help, "hey look a picture of the place when it isn't crowded!" Looking again, the table we sat at for our one and only visit is pictured. Then I bothered reading the article, written by shop owner Amanda McClements. Under the eats, Bloomingdale's Red Hen is the first place listed. Not too surprising, because the Red Hen is that type of restaurant. Next was Le Diplomate on 14th St. Next, had me screaming with excitement.... Beau Thai. Beau Thai is known locally and that's nice, but this is national. My I'm-too-lazy-to-cook-tonight go-to restaurant has appeared in the pages of Martha Stewart LIVING. It would have been better if St. Martha herself had graced the hood.

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