Decade in Review: Stock & Avatar

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Chicken Stock remains
I thought I mentioned stock at least more than once, but apparently it has been in passing. I've finished making a pot of chicken stock as part of my effort to clean out the kitchen freezer. It is a form of taking it easy. Later, maybe tomorrow, I will can it.
In the past couple of weeks we've been hosting my old blogspot avatar, our niece. Her face was, and still is my profile picture, though it isn't me and is no longer her. The cute eight year old has been replaced with a eyeliner wearing 13 year old who constantly wants to be on Facebook. We've managed to get another local relative to host her for the time being and so I am enjoying the quiet, until she's dropped off back at our house.
So I have quiet and chicken stock.
Looking back at the 2010 post, I've noticed that my food buying habits have changed. Then I wrote:
After the clean up I ran my usual Saturday errands, one being the warehouse area on Florida Ave NE. At US Beef I ran into Ms. Frozen Tropics, Elise, who had a hunk of meat for carnitas. I had a bag full of drumsticks for curry, two pounds of butter, for making ghee, and a frozen boneless lamb. I mentioned that the frozen whole chicken there was rubbery, but the fresh chicken was quite good. Elise mentioned she was going to hit Mexican Fruit next for limes. But there were limes near the register at US Beef and I had already been to Mexican Fruit, whose limes were lackluster that day, so we both picked up bags of lemons and limes. I was going to make marmalade, Elise margaritas. Somewhere in the middle of that a friend of Elise came up with a small tub of tofu from a nearby store. I expressed my confusion with the warehouse area of knowing which stores will sell to you. Apparently there is a tofu place between US Beef and Sam Wang, you go up to the window, you tell the guy you want the white tub, and for $4 you get a small gallonish tub of tofu. Half shopping experience. Half speakeasy.
I don't go the Union Market as much. Most of our meat comes from the farmers market or directly from the farm. I realized that when the certain visiting 13 year old said she didn't eat meat because of some video she saw about CAFOs or animal cruelty, to which I responded that the chicken in the freezer walked around on a certain farm and I could show her the farm's website so she could see pictures of said farm and of chickens free ranging. We have many friends with a range of dietary restrictions, and we try to accommodate and respect those needs. However the niece was claiming veganism without knowing all it entails, so I decided that her visit was a teaching/learning moment. We discovered, she's not a fan of tofu or mushrooms, she really likes eggs, seafood, cheese and milk. We haven't cooked meat for her, so she's exploring some vegan and vegetarian dishes.
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