Decade in Review: O Street Market and Affordable Housing

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I got this announcement for tomorrow:
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Mayor Vincent Gray Will Speak 
WHO: Speakers include Richard Lake, Principal at Roadside Development; Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congresswoman; Vincent Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia; Buwa Binitie, Principal at Dantes Partners; Jack Evans, Ward 2 Councilmember; Muriel Bowser, Ward 4 Councilmember; Tommy Wells, Ward 6 Councilmember; Alexander Padro, Executive Director of Shaw Main Streets, Inc. and ANC 6 Commissioner
WHAT: City Market at O will unveil the name of its Affordable Housing building for the Active Adult community (people 55+). Guests will be invited to tour a unit and see the progress being made at City Market at O.
WHERE: Southwest corner of 7th and P Streets, NW; Valet service provided
WHEN: Wednesday, August 21, 2:00 - 3:00 PM
WHY: This is a rare opportunity for the active adult community (people 55+) to enjoy intergenerational, modern apartment living in a desirable area of the city at an affordable cost. Their new home will feature deluxe amenities, with easy access to retail, transportation, jobs, and entertainment.
The Affordable Housing units are part of City Market at O's $300 million, one million-square foot urban infill project located next to the D.C. Convention Center.  The development's mix of retail and residential, and its close distance to METRO, position it to be a catalyst for the burgeoning Shaw neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of the nation's capital.
The Affordable Housing units are developed by Roadside Development in partnership with Dante Partners. The 90 units are available to seniors older than 55 who earn 50% and 60% of the Average Median Income (AMI) in D.C. 72 units will go to those who earn 60% of AMI and 18 units will go to 50% earners.
As many of you know this whole block has been a long time coming. I see I was hearing about it back in 2004 where I wrote:
The big draw, for me, was the O Street market, which is the big block our beloved ghetto Giant sits on. Mr. Armond Spikell of Roadside Development, which I think owns the land, spoke of a new Giant, as the current one is inadequate and the loading dock on 9th Street takes up some valuable real estate. He had no plans to show because they are trying to incorporate the community's (must have been some other community group) concern over loss of parking. So they have to think underground parking, which is expensive. The general plan is to build a new Giant while the old one exists, then create a better Giant with more retail and other mixed used things. Then later get rid of the old Giant, once the new Giant is ready. The possible start date on any of this is 2006, and will take about 3 years.


2006. The plus side is that there is underground parking, and it will be mixed use, with retail and residential.

Now back to the affordable senior housing. I had to look up what the heck the AMI is nowadays, and like always, it depends on the size of the household. Also it would help to know if the units are 1 or 2 bedrooms, and how closely the management plans to monitor household size. Over here in the TC the question at the meetings, regarding housing at the MM Washington School, now senior housing, is how do you keep the nogoodnik adult grand-kids from calling the place home?

I guess that question would be answered by the incentive to keep the young people on the luxury-side and the guests at the Cambria Suites part, happy.

Anyway 50% AMI for a singleton is $37,625, for a couple, $43,000. I will imagine that the seniors who will populate the apartments are semi-retired and childless. Maybe someone who deals with the AARP crowd knows better. AMI is $107,500 and I gather for a family of four. Considering what is at the O Street Market, as opposed to what you get at the old MM Washington School (next to S.O.M.E.), there may be plenty of demand from the kind of seniors who would do well there.

UPDATE: I have been informed that all of the units are one bedroom. So, units best for singles and couples.

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