Decade in Review: Dunbar

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Today there is a ceremony for the shiny new Dunbar High School to open. The new Dunbar is a light airy building with a concept called windows. The old prison-like structure, the old Dunbar along New Jersey Avenue still stands and you can note the very few windows that building had.
The ceremony is to start around 2pm and everything wraps up at 7ish, with lots of speeches in the middle. School starts next week on the 26th. Hopefully the students will be inspired by a building that looks as if it is a modern building on a college campus and not a worn out county correctional facility. Really were all government buildings built around the late 60s early 70s meant to be depressing and gloomy?
Well this is a decade in review and in September 2009, I wrote:

Dunbar High School on New Jersey Avenue looms over the neighborhood. You can see the top of this tall ugly prison-like building from the corner of Florida and North Capitol. And I am near it, so I concede on that point that Dunbar could be a description of the neighborhood, as in 'near Dunbar'. It's tall enough and takes up enough acreage to be a landmark. Yeah, there was a nicer looking Dunbar, and a more notable Dunbar before the current building, but that's gone. And it is so close to several other schools, Cook (no e), Armstrong, Slater and Langston.

I don't think I can see the top of the new Dunbar, and I'll be happy when the old Dunbar comes down and it can no longer loom over the neighborhood with it's ugliness.

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