Decade in Review: Ancestors of Truxton Circle

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618-MLK-1924 A few weeks ago I got an email from a TC decendent. Not of Cmdr. Truxtun but of someone with an ancestor who lived in Truxton Circle and who found his relative and this blog via the wonderful thing that is Google. The blog post was the "History of Sq 618- mainly the Unit block of New York Ave", one of my attempts to do one block's history. The subject in this case was Mr. John Sullivan or John J. Sullivan a saloon keeper with a very large family on the unit block of New York Avenue, whose saloon sat at 1130 1st Street NW.

It hasn't been the first time someone has stumbled on this blog hunting for their great, great-great or great-great-great grandfathers or mothers. Sometimes they provide me with more information about their ancestors and other times, I have helped with their own genealogical research. I get a thrill when I can connect with these *decedents to another aspect of their ancestor's life, as a resident in a city, with connections beyond just family. They were people who had neighbors, and maybe customers in the area. What I get, and why I LOVE are tidbits about other aspects of a former resident's life and things that the census may have left out.

*The rest of this paragraph and what followed was lost to time and the interwebs.

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connect with these what?

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