Decade in Review: Oh no! Ralphie moving?

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I was surprised to see a realtor sign in front of 1642, the grey house on the right in this 2009 picture. My first thought was "Oh no! Ralphie's moving!" Ralphie, is a hyper mininature greyhound with a taste for wild caught cat poop. Oh and he's very cute. I'll miss his people too.

The following will be reasons why you will want to get into a bidding war and pay over the asking price, and show why being a good neighbor pays off.

I visited the house at 1642 4th St NW first in 2005 when it was a shell. Since then the owners (Ralphie's people) have put a lot of love and care in renovating the property. There is good quality workmanship behind those walls. Structural stuff, the things that you don't see in the inspection, that is well done. The house used to be in bad shape, structurally as was the neighboring house. The owners fixed their wall as well as the neighbor's. So the bones are strong. It has been pulled back to the brick and beams and is stronger than ever. 

The interior design, like Ralphie, is pretty cute too. The pictures on Realtor John Bratton's (former 4th St resident) site is the house as it normally looks. This is not too staged. Ralphie's people have good taste and I gather that's what the house looks like when they are not hosting a party. In addition to missing Ralphie, I'll miss the Vietnamese New Year's party. The design of the house flows very well and is well lit. Also note there is very little that screams Home Depot special or Ikea (I love Ikea, but sometimes you can have too much of a Swedish thing). The owners have spent the years looking for things that are right for that house. A lot of thought and time has gone into making 1642 what it is, time and thought worth more than the $586,000 asking price.

Lastly, Ralphie's people have been great neighbors, the kind of people who make the 1600 block of 4th Street a great place to live. If I haven't said it before, and I believe I have, this is a great block.

UPDATE 7/23/13: Congrats to the winning bidder and to J&J for getting their house under contract so fast.  I won't be crass enough to ask what the final price was, I'll wait till it shows up online.

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