Decade in Review: Kitchen Renovation 2003-2004

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I did not blog much about my first renovation in the house 10 years ago. I can only find a few posts about it. It was the 1st home that I owned and my first major contractor hire. Hearing the stories of other howmeowners, I have lucked out pretty well. I found a trustworthy contractor and stuck with him for 2 other reno jobs.

The picture is of the kitchen, which is about 8x10, before the real demo began in December of 2003. That space you see was the extent of all my counterspace which was about a square foot. The rest of the kitchen was occupied by a refrigerator, a stacked washer and dryer and the stove. So a formica square foot to prep meals and dry dishes.

The work was done by January 2004. The floor was straightened and the wall was stabilized but the contractor wanted to do more. I got heated floors, which I keep off most of the time, Corian counter tops and sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, garbage disposal and more counter space. We could do with a new dishwasher and microwave. I have been happy with the kitchen but I'm thinking of another kitchen reno.

Fast forward 10 years and for most houses on my row their little 1 story kitchens in the rear have been torn down and rebuilt as 2 story additions. So we're thinking of sort of matching the rest of the block. However a more pressing reason, besides maybe getting an extra 100 sq ft, is the rear wall is looking weak. Back in 2003 the contractor wanted to better address the cracky brick wall. At the time I wanted to stick to my small budget and so it was patched up to get another 10-15 years out of it. I had no money for structural things that could be put off till later. Well later is now.

Does it still look like the finished product below? No. It's got a covering of dirt and olive oil on the walls and the cabinet doors, the stove has been replaced (the one seen came with the house) and there is more crap on the counters.

kitchen 2004 finshed

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nice kitchen

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