Decade in Review: Fringe Festival


My first Fringe was back in 2009 with a production that was different and interesting sounding performance art piece. This was my first Fringe event because most performances never seemed to appeal to me. Here's what I wrote:

Weird but good. I enjoyed it.
There was an announcement that went up on the MVSQ blog about a preview for this... thing. So I went, not really knowing what to expect except that it was about food. I like food.
Food was deconstructed and the audience was the participant. No sitting back and just observing. It was a futurist meal. We "ate" beef (or mushroom if vegetarian) air, had salad (locally grown) without the aid of forks and knives, had a sugar cube course, and ended the meal with a spray of coffee or tea. Throw in some dance, and wrap it in futurism and a good time was had.

And thus we met now friends of the blog Banished?Productions, and I'm willing to give Fringe a go, as opposed to ingoring the whole thing.

The Help and I are looking at this years Fringe Festival, and wondering if the price for multipasses went up along with the price of the button that you HAVE TO BUY in addition to the tickets. We've done Fringe for a few years now and we know what we might like, it is still hit or miss. This year the main thing is 'it has to have AC'. So that cuts out almost anything at Fort Fringe. So there was a lot of, "wow that looks really cool/interesting... oh wait, no AC." I suffered the feeling of standing in place as sweat rolled down my back at one Fringe performance in July. Never again.

We've picked two performances, due to our arts budget. One, because the Help's boss is in it. Lucky for us, it also includes AC. The other, I forgot which one, also with AC.


There's actually A/C at "The Shop" in Fort Fringe, now. It was working well the two times I was in there this last weekend.

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