Decade in Review: 4th of July

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Once again we will be home on the 4th. In the past my reasons were to protect the house on that day because people in and from outside the neighborhood would get too close to the house (and other's residences) with the fireworks, legal and illegal. One time a minivan with Maryland tags vomited out a family who then blew off a bunch of fireworks on the corner, then hopped back in the minivan and drove away. As the years went on the level of smoke filling our street from the various fireworks became less and less. I would be fine with leaving the house, but less confident in dodging all the small scale firework shows I'd have to go through to get home.

I have suspected that someone is putting on a show somewhere in the region of the Cook School, and it was confirmed at last nights BACA meeting. Apparently last year, there were about 200-300 people on the unit block of P St, and so rightly so residents are concerned. This was brought to the attention of the police representatives at the meeting, so we'll see if the police will a) shut it down or b) just do crowd control, or c) nada. The concern is that the schools across the street (Langston and Slater) will catch on fire.

Last thought, there are some neighbors who like to burn sparklers and small legal fireowrks off in the alleys. If you haven't seen a firetruck go down your alley there is a pretty good chance a firetruck can't get into your alley, so if something catches fire (hopefully not with all the rain we've had), if and when the firemen arrive, there will be a delay. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and have a fun 4th of July.

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