Decade in Review- Our Yearly Power Outage

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From July 7, 2012:

The dehumidifier clued us in first. It began beeping due to low power. When we turned on the cellar lights, they were very dim. Ah, a brownout. Then eventually, the whole below ground floor was without power while the 1st floor and the second floor lights were fine. It wasn't until later that I noticed somethings that the outlets for the second floor were on exceedingly low juice.
We ran an orange extension cord to the basement for essentials and were happy that we had ceiling fans. Oh yeah, the A/C also low juice. There was a low breeze coming from the vents. I figured it was best to turn that off and use the box, vent and ceiling fans to keep  cool.
Without A/C it got to about 83F. We normally keep it at 80F.
Then sometime in the night it went to black. No fans, no nothin'. I woke up because I was sweating like a pig. We were about to retreat to the cooler basement when the power came back on.

Well yesterday July 7, 2013, we completely lost power for about 14 hours. We were out most of Sunday and when we returned power had been out for 2 hours. Neighbors told us of hearing a boom, sounding like a really big illegal firework, going off in the vicinity of 3rd St NW, where we've heard fireworks going off before. Then there was a car accident at Q and New Jersey Ave NW, because there were no lights at that intersection, or a bunch of other intersections.

We walked around looking for a cool drink. Beau Thai was closed, as was Shaw Tavern and Bistro Bohme, all due to the power outage. Yes, we should have walked east, stuff was open along 1st Street.

This is not our first power outage nor our last. We also lost power last year around 7/2/12, and blogged about other power losses in  2008 and 2005. Yet, I swear it seems we loose power every year.

Taking a look at last year's Post-Blackout Review, there is still room for improvement for the next blackout. We did get a portable battery pack, and I have been using it for power needs in the back yard so I don't have to drag the big orange extension cord out there. However, I didn' t test how much fan power it would give, for how long, so we decamped to the Aunt's house in Hyattsville. Freezer items were fine, because when we filled up on gas we grabbed 2 bags of ice to keep the freezer frozen and the fridge from not getting warm. The milk with the 7/7/13 sell by date tasted fine when we returned to the house this morning. Still haven't bought a portable radio. Though I have thought about getting a portable generator, it seems a bit unnecessary for now. The power outtages where we are don't go for longer than 24 hours, and that doesn't seem to justify keeping a big loud generator on hand.

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