Decade in Review: Michael A. Brown, never liked him

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When I first heard that former DC Councilman Micheal A. Brown was going to plead guilty for corruption I was home sick with a "mystery virus". It made a horrible day brighter, for me.

I never, ever, ever liked Michael A. Brown. Let's see with 2008 posts like "Michael Brown, I hate you," and "Michael A. Brown, G-damned Ahole" I haven't been shy about my feelings about him. In 2006, when I gather he (or possibly another Mike Brown) was going to suck up to the MD Sunday church parking vote, I really didn't have any feelings. But when he ran as a fake Independent, undermining the spirit of the law for non-Democrats, making robo-calls, littering the neighborhood, feelings, deep negative feelings welled up inside. If Councilman Marion Barry's constant re-elections made me shake my head, Brown's winning made me continue to shake. Thankfully, Brown wasn't re-elected.

I can't wait to see who else Ron Machen catches in his net of Justice.


Disclosure- I sit on a Federal Grand Jury, and if this did come before me, (which it did not) I would have recused myself.

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Unfortunately, even when a council member is not engaged in direct bribery (which is likely never) our system allows for "legal corruption". From the "special variances" issued to certain developers, to the "hey, hire this guy", routine which is commonplace, and completely accepted. You don't have to directly take money to get bribed. I wish there were more like Ron Machen, in fact, I think there should be "bounty's" offered, just like I offer as a bail bondsman for a fugitive, for information on corrupt activity. This in my view is the only way to stop it because the politician would not be able to trust their own people to keep secrets. The other option is the "Ron Paul" option where government officials have nothing to sell, therefore eliminating the need to watch them at all.

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