Decade in Review: UHOP parade this weekend

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As one commenter said in a 2009 post about the United House of Prayer for All People's annual Memorial weekend parade, "it's a neat tradition in Shaw." I spoke with a longtime resident who has been on Logan Circle since the 80s, how she enjoys watching the little old ladies in their white gloves and Sweet Daddy Grace's cars.

Well Memorial Day weekend is back with us and this Saturday, there will be a parade. According to MPD 3D list:

The parade will form at 6th and M St NW. It will then start north on 6th  St NW to S St NW, west on S St to 13th St NW, South on 13th St to Logan Circle, southwest around Logan Circle to P St NW, east on P St to 7th St, South on 7th St to M St, East on M St to 6th St where they will disband.

Back in 2009 the parade had wandered up to U Street. For the following years they have stuck to going no farther than S St NW. Regardless, from noon to about 3pm, traffic is a pain. Unfortunately, I don't see a mention of this parade on DDOT's website. I hope UHOP hasn't gone back to it's old ways of just having a parade without getting an okay from the city. That's almost as bad as throwing up another Suzane Reatig building in the hood. Anyway, it appears that MPD's 3D knows about it, and hopefully have a few cops dealing with the traffic on Rhode Island that gets tied up in this.

For more useful information check out Borderstan's 2010 post about the parade.


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