Decade in Review: I've been in your house- house tour

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Don't feel like you've got to change the keys or get a better alarm system. But if your house was ever for sale in Eastern Shaw (I'm counting the TC in this) and LeDroit Park around 2005, with an open house, I've been in it.

A few days ago I was chatting with a neighbor and some how we must have gotten on to the topic of what their house looked like before they bought it and he completely renovated it. I mentioned I and other neighbors toured it and I took some pictures. They had not taken any pictures of their house before they gutted it, so that sent me on a search for the handful of photos shot with a Palm Zire of their home.

One of the places I searched was the blog. I've been in a bunch of houses. I've been in condo buildings, one called the Tobacco Factory, that had never, ever, ever been a factory of any sort, but rather a large townhouse converted. But from that condo tour I got to meet the owners of one of the most amazing pop-ups and got a tour of their home, and was blown away by the interior. Sometimes I'd tour a place and take pictures, sometimes I didn't.

The well to fairly renovated properties, I'm sure have not changed much. There is a house that sold for well over 1/2 a million in 2005, where I can still imagine the weird quirks still remain.

The houses that needed work, lots of work, I'm sure have changed. I remember some beautiful ruins. It was a house at 1536 New Jersey Ave NW. It had a two story carrage house in the back a 2nd floor bridge from the main house connecting. I'm sure the bridge is gone and the property has been completely transformed.

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