Decade in Review: Buy this House

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I'm really trying to stay with the decade in review theme, so I still get requests to post new stuff, which is hard because unless I can relate it to something I posted before, I have to turn them down. So I got another request, but as for an open house for 430 Warner St, NW, round the corner. Looking for posts on open houses I did post something about a house on my block, "Buy a house and party with us". We got a good neighbor out of that one. I liked how that turned out.  Unfortunately, I did not find anything supernotable about Warner, but I do remember that in the past (not sure about the present) Warner had some pretty cool looking block parties. I also found a comment from "The past is a weird country you only get to visit via travelogues":

Yep, over here on Warner Street all of the houses on the south side of the street were built that way. We have 2 front doors, and the house originally had identical units up and downstairs. There's also a skylight/tiny atrium right through the middle of the house to provide daylight and air circulation (so I'm told) for the otherwise windowless center rooms.

Anyway there is an open house to show off the place that announcement is below:

Hi neighbors, here's a note from Kent Fowler, realtor for 430 Warner Street:

Special Open House for Neighbors - Wine & Cheese, Beer served - Friday 5/31 6-8pm. Unit #1 (though folks can see Unit #2 as well).

Photos being taken & pricing to be set on Thursday - Public Open Houses on Sat 1-4p & Sun 2-4p.

Here's a link for flooplans -

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