Decade in Review: Bates Market

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Bates Market closed
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Sometime in 2006 the Bates Market at 3rd and P St, NW closed. Fast forward to today and another mini market, the 3rd Street Market has taken its place. It is a huge improvement from the place that I encountered back in the mid to early 00s.

My memories of the Bates Market was that it was of a place where unsavory types hung out in the front, and where every so often there would be a shooting on the corner. Inside, the wine and beer sold was the kind that favored by those looking to get drunk fast. The non-drinking items were covered in dust. And overall the store was dark and unpleasant.

Now after it was closed for years in the hope that a different sort of place (a Georgian cultural center) flickered but never got past the zoning issues. So it became a a mini market, a brighter, open, less dusty corner market.

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