Decade in Review- Miscellany

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Construction trucks

Blog Issues-I haven't been posting anything lately because of the flashing warning signal from my host saying how much space I was running out of, so I deleted a bunch of stuff, including, the old "This meeting never happened" entries. It pains me but I'm going to have to start deleting more material at, now that most of it is at Little extras, like the meeting notes hidden behind a password are gone. Well, gone from the public website. I have a copy. I created it after an incident where a speaker who came to a BACA meeting did not like how Google (not my fault, blame Google, but I'm easier to yell at than Google) summarized my notes. I wrote that I was buzzed and he was loud, but the way Google had it, he was drunk and loud. Apparently his co-workers were small minded speed reading non-click through bitties that caused him trouble. Anyway....

I'll probably start deleting chunks of the old Inshaw Site starting with 2010 and working down to 2003. The goal is to reclaim 2 Gigs to have more space to put things on

House on Street 4 Sale- In my last post I mentioned neighbors were going to put their house on the market. Well, it is on the market for $649K.  There was an open house Sunday, but I saw people with the sheets of paper where the map location in the top corner looking at the house Friday. Those MRIS print out sheets haven't changed much since I bought my house, except now they are in color. It will be interesting to see what will be the final price.

????- The picture, I have no clue but it was something new at the corner of Rhode Island and New Jersey. Sign seems to say it will be like that till the end of the month.

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