Decade in Review: Bloomingdale Farmer's Market

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One of the great things about the neighborhood, and I say "neighborhood" in the general walking around space, ignoring political and civic boundaries, is the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. The BFM is coming back for another wonderful year of fruit, doggies walking around, meats, and baked goods. Saw the announcement that this coming Sunday it will be open again from 9AM to 1PM.

2007 was the first year of the market, per a quick look of my old posts. That was the same year as the opening of Big Bear, and as we know from experience, the two go together. I'm quite sure if I searched  I could find a post mentioning a previously failed market in Bloomingdale that sat around on Joe Mamo's lot. A farmer's market outside of the coffee shop just works, so it would be best to keep it where it is.

As  a resident and blogger I have enjoyed the market. I seem to have mentioned the market each year it has been open. It is not as big as other DC markets but it is great in its smallness. Neighbors can meet up with each other, kids can get introduced to unprocessed food, and people can talk to farmers.

I look forward to Sunday.

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