Decade in Review: That Damned Firehouse

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Well I think I've found a pattern. I see something new, I search my blogs for when I posted about it, and write up something short and post it. This is the case with the North Capitol Street firehouse.

Yes, the firehouse that seemed to have been doomed to a circle of neighborhood development Hell.

 I found a post that was written by my short term co-writer Truxonian from 2006 announcing that a restaurant was coming. [Mari looks at wrist] It's 2013, seven years now. Boundary Stone wasn't even a sparkle in anyone's eye then and Big Bear wasn't going to open until later that year. There was lots of hope and promise and sh*t in the air.

Well the new thing is the Firehouse has a facebook page. Which I think is the requirement for all new hip ventures opening in Bloomingdale. In the past 24 hours, the owners of the page have posted a photo of an upstairs bar...... Hey how's that ABRA license thing going? Is Steve May still in charge of this project? Sorry, but I am seriously friggin jaded. I've had 7 years to get this way and Mr. May's 2011 hissy fit letter didn't help.

Scott Robert's seems to be more hopeful.

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