Decade in Review: Joe Mamo and the Zombie/Vampire Project

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I was actually looking into writing about someone else but something else popped up and sparked some memories, posts from 2005 about developer/entrepreneur Joe Mamo and his spot of dirt at the corner of Florida Ave NW and North Capitol Street.

I think the earliest post is from August 2005 about a presentation he and some fuzzy looking guys (they look fuzzy from the picture) made at a BACA meeting. I don't know if it was this meeting or another meeting where an agent of Mr. Mamo said that the project was going to get done with or without the community, or something to that effect. I just remembered the agent snapping and bursting out in a spot of irritation at a female community member. In September I can only gather there was some community vote on the proposal as I only had an announcement for a meeting to vote on Mamo's project.

Well, it's been eight years and if memory serves me right he's renewed or is renewing his PUD. Which is why I am calling it a Zombie/Vampire project, it seems dead but won't die. It surely isn't looking lively. I have theories about PUDs. I think PUDs get dragged out so long that the original community members have forgotten what they fought for, or there are no more original community leaders because most have died or moved on. Another thing with PUDs, I think when it is dragged out this long (two more years and it's a decade) the current community has to put up with things a weaker, less experiened community negotiated. These are my thoughts in general, not specific to the Mamo project.

I remember there was a question about parking and traffic (getting in and out of the building) along with some concerns about height. If you don't remember what it was supposed to look like see this 2011 entry from the BACA blog. Mamo was trying to secure funding in 2011, there was nothing about parking and from the I can't see a garage or anything. I know zoning rules have changed, and not providing parking would make it cheaper, but what exactly did the community agree to? What would the community get (type of building, type of rentals, etc) if and when he gets funding.

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