Decade In Review: Individual Taxes

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Happy Federal Income Tax due day. When I have blogged about taxes, I tend to stick with the real estate taxes because I can look that up on the city government's website. I have only mentioned the individual tax return thing maybe once on the old InShaw blog. That was praising the free online DC tax filing. This year I bitched about it, because it was so friggin confusing. I tried to do our DC taxes by hand but the instructions were so confounding and confusing, such as directing us to look at page X but not giving the page number.

So I gave up and paid the extra for the state software, good thing. The amount I paid was returned to me 5 times over in a refund. Last year when we used DC on-line tool we wrote a check to the government. Because the commerical software kept insisting that we file on the same form separately, as opposed to filing jointly, like I wanted to do. Makes me wonder if I would have had to write a check last year if I had bothered to use commerical software.

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