Decade in Review: April Fools

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My favorite April 1st post isn't even mine. Regardless, I'm gonna link to Inked 4/1/08 post "Local Historians Just Make Sh*t Up". I did mention her wonderful post that I still think of fondly. Mainly because I find a lot of local DC history suspect when it doesn't arrive with a lot of evidence, when you have to take the speaker's word on it. That's what is about, evidence for your local TC history.

I did have one April Fool's-ish post, in 2009, making light of a fictional couple who buy a former crack house.

Vulture House on NJ Ave

Most April 1st's I've played straight. In 2005 I wrote about "Homeownership and the single girl." That is a good reminder of what life was like when it was just me, dealing with issues. Now it's nice to know that the Help can possibly take over some duties like talking to repairmen and contractors. However, part of me thinks I'm a better negotiator, which might cancel out and surpass his gender advantage.   In 2008, I asked mentioned recycle and trash bins. The photo for the post is gone as it was linked to an image on DPW's site. An April 1st post that got some traction was in 2010 with "Death, taxes and that building is gonna fall". DCRA and Channel 7 picked up on it and demoed the rear of 1607 New Jersey Ave NW, which was looking like it was gonna come down. On it's own. The problem was the owner had gone away and died. The house was falling apart. After 3 years the house remains empty, except for some visiting vultures who hang out in the open oval window. The DCRA PIVS shows some permits issued this year, but the owner is still listed in the dead man's name. Close to $39K in taxes are owed.

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My wife mentioned that she saw some people moving some furniture and garbage out of Mr. Broadus' old house this weekend. Might be the start of something good!

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