Decade In Review- 2007-2008 City Services

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I tried to find a post that marked when the neighborhood turned a corner for the better, when it went from being a transition where one could question how long it would be transitional to a point where you could see the 'good stuff' on the horizon. Well with city services it appears to have been around 2007-2008.

In 2007 the city finally took care of a dead tree. A tree I had complained about had been dead for a few years and I had alerted the city to it, but the city, for reasons beyond my understanding, did nothing. A complaint that we had in the hood was that we did not receive city services, simple city services and enforcement, like other well to do neighborhoods.

Before it would require effort to get the city to enforce parking rules (church parking issues excepted) and deal with suspected stolen cars. But in 2008 when I saw a big orange boot on a car on my street, a sign that the city was being proactive (ie not requiring residents to constantly complain) about parking.

Why the change? One theory in the comments was that the city figured it was a way to get more revenue and greater chance of ticketing someone who'd actually pay up. I have another theory, the departure of Vincent Orange from Ward 5. Vinny was our (useless) Ward councilman from 1999-2007. When he was replaced by Harry Thomas Jr., who dispite stealing money from children, was pretty in tuned to residents needs and aiding with city services.

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