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7th and Indiana cross walk
This intersection in Penn Quarter is dangerous. When the pedestrian walk sign is on for people to cross the light at 7th and Indiana might be red, but the cars in the box don't see it, they see the light at 7th and Pennsylvania. I watched a guy in a BMW/Lexus type car yelling at a woman with a stroller for being in the way. She still had 5 seconds.

BACA reminds us that there will be a marathon coming by our neck of the woods this Saturday and North Capitol will be closed.

The Bloomingdale Blog mentions that the Red Hen is hiring. This is a sign of things moving closer to making it a date night place.

Wouldn't it be cool?- I was listening to an audiobook, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson  and the topic were sites like Kickstarter. Anyway I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if there was a DC based site for people who wanted to invest in old houses that still had historic elements and get them rehabbed so those elements are kept and sold? Instead a few people dedicated to restoring old homes, hundreds.

5th Street One Way South?- It seems DDOT is thinking about making this one way street going north to go the opposite direction, south.

Also from the Shaw Yahoo Group- Chatman D'Vine Bakery is closed.

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