War on Terror, War on Drugs

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I don't like drug dealers. More specifically, I don't like what drug dealers do, which is selling poison to people. Shaw, has had, and is still struggling with drug dealers. They are not as bad in the areas that I frequent anymore. Winter might have something to do with that.

Yesterday evening, the Help and I checked out Mr. Paul Rand's ongoing speechifing about drones possibly being used to kill Americans in America without due process. How realistic is it? I don't know, but I do know that rules to combat terrorists have been used in America's War on Drugs. Will local law enforcement be able to use drones against the friendly neighborhood drug dealer? Technology has been used, GPS, shotspotter, and wire tapping. And here still the rule of law applies, despite whatever proof the government has, the suspected drug dealer still gets his/her day in court. Eventhough drug dealers are domestic terrorists, making residents live in fear, they still should get due process.

Now if we could just get the dealers from the corner or alley into the courtroom. Oh, and not have the judge just let them go, or slap them on the wrist with really short jail time, that would be good too.

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