The Long Goodbye- 10 years of InShaw blogging


10 years is a good number. The earliest blog entry I can find dates to March 18, 2003, but I don't think that was my first entry. It may have been the start of bothering to archive my posts, and even then I wasn't posting much. Anyway, today is the day I stop posting new stuff. I may do some 2013 review in December.

Looking back I believe my goal was to a) tell my friends what was going on and later b) to bring attention to this little section of Shaw, hence the name "In Shaw". Yes, I call it Truxton Circle these days, but I also think of it as part of the larger Shaw community. Because it started as a blog for friends I threw on the "now with more gentrification" tagline and back then I was more willing to be more snarky and mean. Now I'm aware of a greater readership, at times I've been quoted by DC blogs or the Examiner, so now there is more tongue biting. I've been accused of being racist, white, and male, and if you know me you know I'm none of those. In all these years I've have two people threaten to sue me for what I've written. I've also gotten free booze, invited to some great art performances (thanks Wholly Mammoth and ?banished productions?), met new friends and neighbors, advised people looking to buy in the area, helped unseat an ANC dictator, and have totally enjoyed my 15 blocks of fame.

But I've got to move on. There are other things and projects I want to devote time and mental energy, such as the Truxton Circle Neighborhood Genealogy Project, Vacant Properties and some off-line history/archival things. And face it there are other bloggers who have more energy to keep residents of Shaw informed. If there is a shark in the hood, I've jumped it.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, I'm not going cold turkey, thus the long goodbye. Starting now until December I'm going to review my past 10 years of posts. It will be like when Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me goes on vacation or any other TV show that has a zillion flashbacks because the star is in rehab or something like that. Not only is it a very long decade in review, it also allows me to check the site as I'll be deleting the original posts on to make room for material. I've been with my host for nearly 15 years, I've used up 90% of my storage space and I've got to do some clean up.

Physically, I'm staying put. I know these blog changes come with some move out to the burbs. Not so here. We have no real plans to relocate, but as housing prices rise to the level of ridiculous, I can't say that I'm not tempted to sell/rent and go someplace cheaper. But I've got a great commute that is 20 minutes door to door on a good day, why give that up? We like our neighbors and what Shaw, our part of Shaw has become. We also love what our neighbor Bloomingdale has developed into. The neighborhood has changed into something that is well worth a decade of writing about. Let's review....