Sunset Liquors wants to open on Sundays

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Last night BACA voted to approve extending Sunset Liquors hours on Friday and Saturday by an hour. It was also discussed that the owner would also like to open on Sunday however for several reasons this was set aside. There was a question of if there was enough public notice for the hours being extended, but since BACA is a party in the voluntary agreement it was BACA's right to say yes or no as a named organization.
Apparently in the last 6 months Sunset Liquors had changed and thus has been granted extended hours. I honestly don't think 6 months is enough time to justify extending the prize of Sunday hours, particularly when the voluntary agreement specifically said that they would not open on Sunday. This was put in long before ABRA even considered allowing DC liquor stores Sunday hours. Unfortunately, there is a long history of a problem with the store, and it's proximity to the park made efforts to make it a place for neighbors over winos difficult.  It is good that there have been recent changes, but has the store proven itself enough to be a positive force deserving of such a prize?

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