Race, class and poop

Scoop Your Poop
I'm going to say this directly and plainly.
White people with dogs, pick up your dogs poop. When you walk out with your dog be prepared to pick up poop.
Here is what just happened, I was chatting with a neighbor outside her house because today is such a beautiful day, it just screams go bike riding. Anyway we're chatting and we see this guy with his little white dog walk by. Dog sniffs the treebox fencing, but moves on, then about a few minutes later, dog and man pass by again in the opposite direction. Then a minute later we hear a woman saying "Excuse me" over and over again. I can't tell if is a woman getting out of her car or who, but later I see it is one of the residents whose family has been living on the block since the mid 20th century. She then expresses loudly that she is going to follow whomever's attention she failed to get. It becomes clear that the man, a white male in his late 20s early 30s, let his dog poop in her yard and failed to pick it up. She also expressed to her visitor that despite dog guy's protestations, he was never going to come back and pick it up. He did come back (after she followed him near the end of the block) with some newspapers and I guess picked up his dog's feces from the woman's yard.
While both parties were heading back she grumbled about "them" taking over and doing whatever. To make it clear, "them" are young white yuppy/hipster types and though this group may not be aware, letting your dog poop in someone's yard, even if it is tiny postage stamp yard, is an insult. Failing to pick it up, is even worse. Because the offended party was black and the responsible offender white, this has racial tones. "Whatever" is whatever cultural clashes may arise from misunderstandings to insults and damage. While I'm at it, irresponsible dog owners make it harder for responsible pet owners and their allies to get the city to make the District and it's various neighborhoods a great place for them and their pets.
I mentioned class, yes, have enough class to pick  up your dogs poop, and stay out of people's yards. Economically, I don't think the parties were too far apart.
There are plenty or responsible dog owners, of all races, who know that when they go for a walk, they should have bags on them (they also know not to leave their dog in front of the Whole Foods). But for white owners, if you slip, there may be racial issues that you'll confront with when caught.
Lastly, I don't know who has been letting their dog poop and not picking up on the green strip along R St NW between NJ and 5th. Black, white or any, you're a bad dog owner and a horrible person.


Mari, I like your blog, but this is a really ugly, ignorant post. I'm not so PC that I can't accept that stereotypes have bases in truth, but you can't even make that argument here (in fact, you contradict yourself in trying to soften the blow of what you're saying, but your point remains quite clear). Sorry to learn you are so short-sighted.

Or better yet: next time I watch black people throw trash and condoms in my/my neighbors' yards (have seen, personally, both), I'll feel free to generalize about them all as people. Thanks.

I totally agree with this! I am white, have lived here since prostitutes & druggies were here, and NEVER had a dog problem in my FRONT yard until these young "gentry" moved in. Maybe is because they live in condos & have no yard of their own? They think they are entitled to the whole neighborhood because they pay a condo fee?
I have been wondering if urine will clog a super-soaker, to take care of the problem (the owners, not the dogs). I have been ignored & cursed violently at by them. They pee on my front gate! try stepping over the rivers! last June in wet weather it smelled like the back exit on a Phila. El station. It was intolerable. I spent $100 on repellants last summer. When we had a dog, she always went in the back yard, on our own property, before a walk. The dog park is on P (ee) Street in case they need to go there.
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