Not Truxton Circle. Not NoMa. Maybe Not Even Mt Vernon Triangle

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I know neighborhoods are confusing.
With the shooting that occurred in front of Taylor House, it was first mentioned that the shooting was in Truxton Circle (original wording on BACA blog). Thanks for using the name, but no.  The article seemed to have changed to say it was in NoMa. Nope. Look at the NoMa borders, as defined by the NoMa BID. It doesn't cross North Capitol Street NW until I Street NW. The shooting was up near M. Now I thought that maybe it would be part of Mount Vernon Triangle, as I was under the impression that its borders went pretty far east. Nope, doesn't look like it, but I get this feeling that it does include it.
Taylor House, Sursum Corda, all that over there between New Jersey, New York, and North Capitol NW is in some odd NoMansLand, let's call it NoMaLa, like NoMa but with no BID and the development is slow. Richard Layman suggests, SoNY, but says it is part of Northwest One. That still on? I know they have a snazzy library of that name, but the only thing going on over there appears to be the new Wally World.
Also I'd hardly say it's gentrifying. It's getting redeveloped, urban renewed, HOPE (V/VI)'ed, the SW treatment at a snail's pace. It's missing the fun urban pioneer, hipster, yuppie, crazed realtor flava crystals that make gentrification so friggin special.
Lastly, I'm still not sure what the Fur nightclub had anything to do with anything. Did Tommy Wells get Grahamzillaed? Shut down the club for the right reasons, noise, trash, ABBA violations, noise, did I say noise? But not for a shooting that occurred a good block away across from a major street.

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