Jazzy Date Night @ Big Bear

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Big Bear Cafe
1700 1st St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
Bus- None, walked.
Cost (with tip) = $81

It began with the Bloomingdale Blog's post announcing jazz at Big Bear, which I passed to the Help, as he was hoping to see if there was going to be a pianist at Shaw Tavern. We picked Big Bear trumpet over Shaw Tavern pianist, because we couldn't find anything on Shaw tarvern's website or facebook page confirming the next day's entertainment. It also helped that the jazz started at 8pm.

We've been to Big Bear several times for various things, but that night we were comparing the setting to Blues Alley. If you've ever been to Blues Alley in Georgetown, it is a dark, cramped space and you are close enough to the musicians to read their music. Big Bear, not as dark, but the tables were very close together, thus the comparisions to Blues Alley.

I had to small dishes and the Help had an app and an entree. I ate a little bit off of his plate, and we had dessert. I had a white bean dip, which was a tiny bit spicy, followed with a seafood quesadilla, which was also a bit spicy. I went through a lot of water, and I nursed a hot mulled cider. The Help had root veggie side which was okay, but there was a reason I didn't order it. He also had ravioli, it was ok too. The table next to us had the scallops and that smelled great, and the noddle dish they ordered looked better than what we had.

We stuck around for the first set of the music. We're getting old. We wanted to go to bed. Sleep is such a wonderful luxury, particularly on a school nite.

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