History of Basketball in DC

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I was happy to spot neighbor Dr. Brett Abrams mentioned in today's Washington Post. It is for his newish book The Bullets, the Wizards and Washington D.C. Basketball.  Also I must mention, because it bugs me, there is a typo in John Kelly's article. I looked up 'fug' in the dictionary and couldn't find it. But that's okay, I make typos all the time, and also Truxton Circle gets a mention.

This is his second sports book, the first was Capital Sporting Grounds, which is about ballfields and stadiums and sports in general in the early, early 20th century, in the District. Looking at B's blog Bohemian Yankee, Capital Sporting Grounds is available with free shipping. His other book, which has absolutely nothing to do with DC or sports, Hollywood Bohemians, also has free shipping. The new book is available on Amazon and I think you'd only get free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime person. I noticed that Amazon says there are only three books left in stock, but there are several available used. That's confusing as this book as only been out for several months how can there be so many used ones? Anyway, you can also get it on your Kindle.

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