Friday Misc.

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Free Taxes & Zuma- The BACA Blog has an announcement that someone is going to do your taxes for free it you'd like. On the same page, something about Zumba. Zumba. It's everywhere.

Sad Tale- Of a dog in Bloomingdale, in this Washingtonian story about animal abuse and the system's hands being tied.[HT: Bloomingdale blog]

Gross- Whoever is not picking up after their dog along R St between New Jersey and 5th you are making this walkway disgusting. Stop it.

Michelle Rhee- She has a book out called Radical. I spent all of yesterday listening to the audiobook (I LOVE audiobooks) and found it informative and interesting. It also made me really appreciate Fenty, who as far as I can tell shook DC politics off his sandals and moved on. Anyway, I highly recommend the book, even if it is to get her side of the story.

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