Can't talk now, I'm on the bus

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That is usually what I say if my mom or the Help happens to call while I'm on the bus heading home. If I happen to hear the phone ring. I may follow that with asking them to call me in 20 minutes. This is to avoid having my phone out and to avoid blurting out any information that really isn't for my fellow riders' ears.

To avoid the performance art/ living soap opera I and several others on the 79 listened to on the way downtown. The performer, I'll call Black Guy with Glasses and a bike (no helmet), he was talking to Dude/Man, who was silent, about Sean/Shaun and the Bitch (I'll call B* for short) and possible other African American persons he called N*s and the MotherFer (not even going to type out the words). Apparently this weekend Guy with Glasses was hanging out on B*'s couch and she was going off about how she wanted her money from him. Little did she know Guy with Glasses had $500 in his pocket (making me wonder how much did he have on him now) and he would have given it to her then and there if it weren't for her carrying on. It seems she was also in the next room that weekend singing about how she wanted her damned money. Sean/Shaun was also there and the B* wanted to give money to him but first she needed it from Guy with Glasses. She felt Guy with Glasses owed her because he had been staying over at her place, however his actual place of residence wasn't clear, and this could have been a Friends with Benefits situation with housing that fizzled, 'cause he "wasn't f*ing with her no mo'."

Seriously, I didn't need to hear that. In the pre-cell phone world there used to be these silly sexist jokes about how women were always on the phone. The cell phone has brought forth equality where both sexes gibber jabber on and on and on. When I was on the London Tube, I'd hear people's mobile devices (aka cell phones) go off but I could not hear their conversations. Londoners, at the time of my visit, had this ability to not broadcast their private lives on public transit. I have hear people admit to having firearms (due to age I'd bet illeagally), being home alone by themselves, an other things that probably should be shouted to the rest of the bus or train car.

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