Westward ho!

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This weekend our little block had another great social gathering for the Asian New Year. The hosts had wonderful food, as always and if they need help with leftovers, call me. Seriously, that cole slaw was to die for and I couldn't get enough. Anyway, in this gathering of neighbors and the hosts' friends and family I had one of those conversations that I want to share.

We have an urban planner person on our block, who also happened to be at the party and we got to talking about the Truxton Circle Neighborhood Genealogy Project, in this case called 'local history'. We were both talking history but we had different foci, I on people and he on the built environment. I believe we were talking about how the neighborhood has a western orientation, when in the past it was eastern. In the past in the early 20th century, according to my work, TC people had jobs at the Government Printing Office which is SE of the neighborhood. But times have changed, and GPO isn't as great of a neighborhood employer. Now there is a metro station (Shaw/Howard), which is closer (I think), to our west, which as me going west. For many of our neighbors, their jobs or the method to get to work is westward. The needs of the people are to the west. There is good stuff to the east (Bloomingdale), but not as much. Besides to get to the red line fron here requires crossing the Road of Death (New York Avenue) and maybe traveling along the Path of Confusion (Florida Ave circle-ish thing) and possibly encountering trolls (people who never seem to get on the bus at the bus stops).

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