Tuesday Miscellany

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Historical Food Shacks- The House History Man has a picture that is of an African American man's stand at 1st and Florida NE. Close enough to the TC, well the northeastern part that I never write about.

2 Mil for a Corner Lot- The developers got approval for and then tore down the buildings at 1330 North Capitol NW, and then did nothing. Now this empty piece of dirth is for sale at deep pocketed developer prices.

Taxes- I'm annoyed with the Tax Office, last year I filed my DC taxes online for free. I paid either Turbotax or the H&R Block for the federal taxes and enjoyed just filling in the blanks with DC, on the DC.gov site. It was simple and easy. Now I go to the site and it is a mess. The layout is unclear. They've added options for people whose adjusted gross income is less than $57,000 for federal and DC taxes. Great but I just wanna do DC. The page for the individual tax payer is cluttered. Did I use eTSC in 2012? Beats me, did y'all call it that last year? I might take my sweet time and file in April since I have to write them a check anyways. Refund? Ha, ha, yer funny.

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