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Household Stuff- Some agencies consider you and your roommates a household. I discoverd this when talk ing with someone from a minor DC agency (or it could have been an office within a larger one) that when determining a household's income it is you and your roommates, even if your roommates all lead separate lives. Though I no longer have roommates, this seemed odd, because as long as everybody is paying rent, their incomes are none of my damned business.

Vintage transit- Old 82 streetcar line The Eckington List had this lovely gem:

 I watched it and nearly punched a dent in my monitor when I recognized the flatiron building on Baltimore Ave/Route 1 attached to Franklin's in Hyattsville. There are some buildings that haven't changed much. In the first few and last few frames of the video there is a map showing the old streetcar lines. The video is for the 82 line which goes up New York Ave, crosses through Eckington and then heads up Rhode Island/ Baltimore Ave.

DC Humanities Grant $0-$5000 for Humanities related projects- I wrote $0 because you don't have to take the full amount, also you have to match the funds. The deadline is March 11.  

Rogue 24's Restaurant Week- Until Feb. 9th the 4 courses are $60.13, the 16 course Progression is $100.13, and the 24 course Journey is 120.13.

Table- Speaking of restaurants, I've heard from a friend who has been several times to the N Street dining establishment and really likes it.

City Market at O- They have a facebook page.

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