Monday Misc- President's Day

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Florida and R St- On tomorrow's agenda for the 5E ANC meeting, there is a proposal for a traffic light. All I know is that would be great for pedestrians, as all the signs in the world don't seem to help matters when trying to cross at the crosswalk in that spot. Some cars stop and some cars don't.

Big Ben Liquors on Sunday- The BACA blog mentions the Ward 5 Heartbeat reporting that Big Ben on New York Ave got approved. Really? REALLY?

Call for papers for the DC Historical Studies Conference
You don't have to be an academic, but the theme this year is "Marching on Washington".

House History Workshop- The DC Humanities Council is hosting on March 30th a House History Day, and I will be one of the presenters. My bit ill be about 3 minutes on what is the Truxton Circle Neighborhood Genealogy Project (that's what I call it) and the rest of the time how you can do something similar for your street or block. There are two workshops and space is limited. Sign up here.

1622 4th St NW sold- As some of you may have been aware I (and a few other neighbors) had taken issue with the flipper of this property and how he/they had badly treated the neighboring properties, flouted DC laws regarding permits and trash, and messed up a young tree that neighbors had planted a few years back. Unfortunately, with it being a sellers market, with low inventory and multiple bids, flippers can get away with the crap that was done at that property. Though it was no longer listed, it seemed to have found a buyer via word of mouth. We approached the new buyer, extending the hand of neighborly friendship, as he bears no responsibility for the poor actions of the seller/flipper. It seems those 3rd party inspections, that were supposed to be submitted to DCRA back in 2012 never got submitted. And I told the buyer what I suspected about the framing and insulation. You new homebuyers have my sympathies.

New Real Estate plug-in- Well your poor unfortunate buyers have a new tool you can use if you have Google Chrome. Census Connect allows you to use recent census and other data (ex. sex offender list) to find out about the various neighborhoods you might be investigating. I'm gathering there might be Fair Housing rules that would not allow the real estate websites to have it on their sites directly.

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