Lesson in 311

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I want to thank the operator Ms. Tanya for working with me in trying to figure out what happened with one of the items I reported to 311 that got closed out, with the trash still in the alley. I also reported the large graffiti on the 600 block of R/Rhode Island NW, 311 closed that out and it is still there. So instead of going on a tirade about Parcel 42 and the need to remove graffiti ASAP, I'll tell what I've learned today.

Construction debris behind 1622 4th st

I reported this construction material that I guess was dumped in the alley by those working on 1622 4th St NW. I take this guess because the stone matches the stone in the backyard patio. I reported it as illegal dumping. Someone else also reported it too under "illegal dumping". Apparently, "illegal dumping" does not apply. It is like the broken passenger side window issue I have with MPD, if I don't see the wrong doing in action, it didn't happen. It is only illegal dumping if you see someone dumping.

Ms. Tanya was helpful enough to put it in the system again under "alley cleaning" with the new tracking number (29915). So I need to figure out how to correctly report crap I see dumped on the street that needs picking up, like the trash always at Florida and 3rd.

I'm going to end this without going on a tirade about all the other things I have reported with the  311 app, where it gets closed out without much of an explaination. We had a little trouble with the dumping issue because the tracking number was useless and I guess no one is expecting anyone to follow up on their 311 requests. Lastly, there is a tree at Rhode Island and New Jersey with a big rotted hole at the base I've told the Help to avoid driving anywhere near this tree. Despite reporting it a while ago, I'll just let you look at the pictures here and here, and let you decide if this tree is a danger to drivers and maybe pedestrians.

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