House of Cards- Monday Misc

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We have Netflix and we are enjoying House of Cards. Particularly the opening credits, where I get to explain to the Help where on North Capitol Street the camera is shooting from. The Bloomingdale blog has some nice screenshots. Other than that is is a slight guesing game of where the other DC scenes in the credits were shot. After that we know it is all Baltimore pretending to be DC. We are half-way through the series. It is nowhere near as good as the original British version, but it is very enjoyable and I look forward to finishing it out.

BACA is having a meeting tonight. Someone please take notes as I got volunteered by the Help to assist at another gathering.

Field to City formerly, Timor's, Kim Wee is back and offering up a new website and some butchering service. [Bloomingdale]

I'd really like it if the idiot near 3rd St NW would stop blowing up fireworks. Last night, I guess after the Ravens won the Super Bowl, somebody decided to set off fireworks. Well I hope they were fireworks.

Once again on parking, I'd like to thank my church for giving some forethought to the parking crunch caused by the DC Car Show at the Convention Center and making parking available for the Saturday evening mass. Church leaders should plan for church growth and how to deal with competition for parking.

Regarding the InShaw comments, I'm going to allow comments with emails again, unless the Chinese spammers slam me again.

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