DC I love you

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Platonically, and with great affection, I love the District of Columbia. And like the way I love a lot of my friends, DC, I love you, despite you.

Loving you DC isn't always easy. Parts of you are corrupt, lazy, insane, and down right slow, mentally and physically. But then you have these flashes of brillance, bursts of youthful joy and energy, with ideas and action that enrich my life. I love the fact you have a public transit system that has allowed me to go for years and years without a car. I love that you have seasonal and year round farmers markets that allow me to eat somewhat local and generally better. I love all these new restaurants popping up nearby. I love the bike lanes that invite me to travel the city on two wheels. I love the opportnities that exist when you look for them. Oh, I also love my job, which regionally you provided. I couldn't have gotten this in my native Florida.

And DC, as your friend, I have something very difficult to tell you. I know how you want a vote in Congress or/and Statehood, but I see your hopes get dashed often when the Democrats are in control of the White House and one or two parts of Congress. It happened with Clinton, its happening with the current president. You deserve better than getting strung along and taken for granted. You're looking good. You've got your finances in order, you're mostly employed and educated. You've got a good reputation and you're no longer synonymous with crack and murder. Maybe you should try something new, see how independent you can be, or get back in touch with your Statehood Green side. Just sayin'.

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