Ashy Wednesday Misc

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Smudges for everybody- Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church is having 4 Ash Wednesday masses, 8AM, 12:15, 5:30, and 7PM. There is music for the 5:30 and 12:15 masses.

Visiting a squatter, but not a squatter- I wrote about the fire in SE DC and the problem of squatters. Well it appears that one of the vicitms of the fire was just visiting.

Any mention of the District in the SOTU speech? Thanks for putting on the licenses plates, but any mention of DC lack of a vote in Congress? Any mention of the District at all? We went out to dinner and missed the 1st half of the speech. Somebody's press release gave me the impression that DC might get a shout out.

Income requirements not as low as you think- City First Homes, is a non-profit 'launched' by the DC Government, selling condos and sometimes the odd house. Anwyay, their income requirements are pretty up there, the maximum for a household of 1 is $90K, 2 is $103K, and 3 is $116K, and so on a so forth. Also you don't have to be a first time homeowner nor a DC resident.

Billy Mitchell's killer to get 21 years in prison- The person who killed Bloomingdale resident William R. Mitchell was sentenced last week.

Black and white shorthaired dog found on 1600 block of New Jersey Ave NW- See PoP for details.


UPDATE- Regarding point #3, no. Remind me how DC is not the DNC's booty call?

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