Another Good 311 Experience

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I'm sure there will be more frustrations with DC government, but once again I got great service from the city, and to be fair, I shall write about it.

Not too long ago I went to lunch at some fancy schmancy place in Penn Quarter/Gallery Place, that shall go unnamed, and got what I believe to be food posioning. Not to go into too much disgusting detail, my insides revolted, but not enough to sent me to the doctor. Just enough to keep me in bed (with trash can nearby) the next day. The more I thought about what I ate, the more I wondered if it was a problem with the lunch crew of the dining establishment, as sometimes the lunch service is as different from the dinner service as night and day in some places.

So I called 311 to get in touch with whomever I'm supposed to report food posioning. The operator put me in touch with someone at the Department of Health who took my information and asked me some questions about what I've eaten for the past few days. About 3 days later I got a call from a Health Inspector, who told me how the inspection of the restaurant went and that I could find the report on line in the next 24 hours. The inspector was very friendly and described his interaction with the restaurant staff and the few problems he found. Later, I looked at the report by name and it had some critical violations that may or may not have anything to do with me getting sick. Many problems were corrected on site, the restaurant didn't have to close and I am pretty happy with the results.

I may continue to eat at various places that serve raw food, I'll just avoid the undercooked stuff.

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