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The Eckington List has a thread about the dangers of warming up your car on the street then going back in the house. Opportunistic theives have stolen two unattended cars already. Theives or people who walked by and decided that people should be taught a lesson not to leave their keys in a running car, because the thought has crossed my mind when walking across situations like that. But in most "people should be taught a lesson" situations, I never act, because it is never a good idea.

Scott Roberts, that fountain of information, has the DC Small Area Plan on line, covering Bloomingdale, Truxton Circle (Hanover/ Bates), LeDroit Park parts, and Eckington.

The City has a $417 million dolla surplus and as much as I would love for the city to lower taxes and various fines, I agree that it should be shoved into savings. Savings keeps away the old Control Board, shows that the District is responsible enough to run itself thank you. Yes, the City could spend the money on social services and policing and education, but maybe the money could be used to help the City as a whole gain some independence and get some breathing room.

With the extra money there are those who are calling for money to go to housing issues. Greater Greater Washington has a really good post on the city and affordable housing. Reading both posts have me wondering if housing for all (including those with lotsa options to those with none) should be rethought. I particularly liked questioning Jack Evan's comment, "We need to make sure the people who were here in the difficult times get to stay for the good times." Should that even be a goal?

Staying on the housing theme, East Shaw has a post on Lincoln-Westmoreland II powering down on the Section 8's. I learned several things, one, Lincoln-Westmoreland II garden apartment are operated by a different entity than the Lincoln-Westmoreland high rise. Second, the Washington Apartments used to be Section 8 ten years ago, but has slowly been going market rate with turnover, which explains a lot.

I'm noticing that Anita Bonds is not responding to any of the Let's Choose DC questions. Nor is Micheal Asshat Brown.

BACA has info about getting a free home energy audit from the city, and doing one yourself.

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