Truxton's Industrial Past

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This is a 1903 map of Square 617 (N, North Cap, O, 1st & Hanover) where there is an empty space where the building that formerly held the Brass Knob. Before that, the 19th Century,  there was a brewery around there owned by the Kozel family. There is a place history for the location but I have yet to contact the author about asking him if he's interested in putting it up on his site
A PoP post about a raze permit for the former Brass Knob space on N Street caught my eye. What is worse, Steve May is the contractor. Steve May, Steve May, where have I heard that name before? Um. Oh yes, the still empty firehouse on North Capitol Street still has his fingerprints on it and there was that whole blaming the neighborhood for failing to get a liquor license. And then there was screwing up Shaw Tavern's liquor license. You know, water under the bridge, but it is not good to leave an unfinished project in the same general area before starting up another project.  The raze permit mentions knocking stuff with a bulldozer. Fear not there is an application to make it a historic landmark.
Anyway, let's get back to Truxton's industrial past. Here's another map from 1909, showing when the area was a coal yard and shed. The raze permit is also for another structure facing Hanover which appears, I believe, as the Paper Box building, just behind the coal shed. 
There was also a coal shed on square 521, so the commerical land use was not concerntrated on this block. Yesterday, I mentioned the dairy on square 551. Square 551 also held garages and an auto repair.
Now Truxton is very, very, very residential. Very. If someone (seriously I invite others to get engaged with the neighborhood's history) wants to study how Truxton went from a place with lots of trucks and industry to what we have now, it would make for an interesting story.

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