ToT, Vinny Citrus, Sam Wang and some good local reporting

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Okay both the Washington City Paper but notably the neighborhood blogger Titan of Trinidad have some good stories about Councilman Vincent Orange and the whole incident of Sam Wang's rat problem.

ToT- Health Department Allowed Sam Wang to Operate Without Proper Licensing

        Vinny Orange's Money Machine

        City Councilor Pressures Health Dept to Keep Rodent-infested Grocery Store Open

       and a very helpful -  How to Report Possible DC Government Ethics Violations  

       and if you think the Board of Ethics should investigate Vincent Orange, ToT has a link for you near the top right corner of his page.

WCP- Rat Infested Grocery Gets a Hand From Mystery Councilmember, Then From Vincent Orange  

        Here's the Grocery Store Vincent Orange Helped Keep Open

I have one note on the photographs, they look like they are in the parts of the business where customers, such as myself, do not go. There is one refrigerated room where you fend for yourself against the grandmas and others getting citrus that is less than Vincent Orange. Also I have not seen a rat not a Councilmember in there, but it doesn't mean they aren't there.


WUSA Channel 9(HT DCist):

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