Neighborhood history on Ebay

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There is a lot of DC history out there as a place where people work and live, as opposed to a tourist destination. So I'm fooling around with Ebay and this is what I found.

Hutchinson Soda Bottle-  647 7th St NE
Frank McKnew bottle-19th & K St NW
Postcard of Thomas Circle
Replica of the 5D Police Station- NE DC
Corkscrew- 1498 H St NE
Fairmont Seminary postcard- 1411 Fairmont St NW
McKinley Tech High School- Looks like a year book- 2nd & T St NE
Reproduction Postcard flooded 9th and Pennsylvania Ave NW
Eckington Trolley pix- but I can't really tell
Matchcover-Nanking Chinese Food- 901 New York Ave NW
Postcard of the Woodner- NW DC
Postcard Lee House - 15th & L St ??
Cairo Hotel postcard- Dupont Circle
Blackie House of Beef postcard- 1217 22nd St NW
First Baptist Church program- 15th & O St NW
1913 Connecticut Ave Bridge- I can't tell if that's Woodley in the background
Centre Market postcard- Now Union Market in NE
Harvey's Famous Restaurant Postcard- 1107 Connecticut Ave NW
Postcard  for Woodie's Dept Store- Penn Qtr
Dunbar High School Architectural Plate- From 1920
Photo of students on old Dunbar HS steps-circa 1930-1940
Photo of old house at 9th & E NE

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