Monday Misc

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I spotted a big orange ABRA notice whatever thing on Corduroy owner, Tom Power's side project, which I will call "Good Food Coming Soon". I have searched the ABRA website for the protest notices and came up empty. I might actually have to get off the bus and look at the sign. But it is cold, and I don't wanna do that.

Speaking of stuff on 9th St, East Shaw has a pretty good listing of things going-on on 9th St NW.

Around the corner from 9th Table will open at some point, soon.

'Soon' is a word that the Help and I joke about when we pass the sign on 9th and P St "Mandalay Coming Soon". It is coming along. There are windows now. Looking forward to the time when there is a Burmese restaurant there.

Tonight is a BACA meeting for those of you in the northern part of Truxton Circle. At 3rd and Q St NW.

Comments for this blog has gotten limited because I've been getting slammed with Chinese spam. It was screwing with my bandwith.


1 Comment

The orange sign could be a zoning sign instead of an ABRA notice. There is a house around the corner from us in Trinidad that has an orange sign because the location required a zoning variance to continue construction.

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