Modern house, modern art

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Modern art outside of house

You can't miss the place I call the Vader House. It is on New Jersey Avenue and is very modern. I call it the Vader house because it is dark, modern and slightly mysterious, like the Darth Lord.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed a new bit of art in the front yard. It matches well with the house. Before that, I noticed and admired the gate with the house number. But this time around the gate was not there.

Vader House at 1651

I might not be a great fan of modern architecture but here it looks like there is much thought going into the over all look of the place, slowly. Unlike a lot of new renovations and fill ins this is quite unique, lacking the safe cookie cutter modern look of large windows that make occupants characters in a play, should they fail to draw curtains/blinds at night. I like the color black and so it isn't an offensive crayon box puke of some other local architect.

Anyway, everytime I think of this house I hum a few bars of the Imperial March.

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