Free slate or stone or whatever

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Construction debris behind 1622 4th st
There are a few things I haven't done in a while. One is  take out the garbage through the alley. The Help generally does this. The other is write anything about 1622 4th St NW. It was under contract, then it wasn't, then it is not listed but people are still looking at it, whatever.

Anyway, I dealt with the trash can and noticed what you see pictured. There are two ways of looking at this. One, being illegally dumped construction debris stacked up in the alley, which I reported to the city. The other, hey look everybody free stone/slate! I mentioned this to a neighbor who said that is some pricey stone. So if you can get there before DPW decides if they want to clean and fine, you maybe can get some choice pieces for a garden walk.

The city would do right be fining the owner, because unlike other alley dumps where the unsuspecting owner gets blamed and fined for a dirty mattress that just happened to get dumped on their carport, these stones match the stones laid on the other side of the fence. All city workers would need to do is just look over the fence and match them up. There are still pictures from when it was listed here, and you can match up the stone with the photos of the rear yard.

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