Date Night +1 @ Rogue 24

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Rogue 24
922 N Street NW (Rear),
Washington, DC 20001
Bus- None, drove
Cost (with tip) = Around $600 for 3 people

First some explanations. The Help and I had two weddings, one in California and one in DC, one for the ailing parents (father died within a year) and one for the local friends and family. When we were last in California we took the pastor who married us and his wife to Aqui* the place that 'catered' (really it was a large take out order) our wedding, for lunch. So as part of our anniversary celebration we took the man who married us to dinner to a nice local fine dining establishment. Three was not a crowd and a very good time was had by all.

The Help and I have been to Rogue 24 before and it is on the list of special occasion places, like Marcel's and Obelisk. Like those other places, the service was top notch. I want to thank the staff who made our anniversary dinner a most excellent one. The dessert place acknowledging our special day was a lovely and unexpected touch. Of course, the Help might have mentioned it when he made the reservation.

Yes, $600 is a lot, but well worth it. We saved up for it and paying off the basement debt is going to take a little longer. We all sat for the 16 course Progression, since the 24 course Journey might be a little too much. The whole thing takes about 3 hours, and we started early, as it was a school night. Two of us had the wine paring and the Help, who is always the designated driver and a natural teetotaler had the non-alcoholic pairing. I also had an extra glass of wine, a Madeira or a sherry that tasted rich and very raisin-like, which added to the price.

There is a difference when there are three. The food took second place to the table conversation, which was interrupted when staff presented us new dishes that needed explaining. This time around my attention was split between the food and our guest. Yet the reason why we chose Rogue 24 was to share the experience of eating there. It's not just food.

Once again 16 courses were just enough. We weren't gut bustin' full but rather very satisfied, and very pleased with our evening. Good food, good friends (the Help also doubles as a friend), and a good night.


*OMG I love Aqui. Their food is wonderful, a great mix of Mexican and Californian. I could go on and on about their wraps and other dishes. Chip and guac is really good too. There is nothing in DC that I have found to beat Aqui and I look forward to going there almost every day when visiting California.

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