Dang it's cold outside

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I had to locate to big wool coat to deal with this drop in temperatures.

This reminded me of a post I wrote up back in 2005. If someone is standing outside in weather like this and you don't think they are a) waiting for a bus or b) homeless, they are likely selling drugs. Nicely enough we in our section of the TC no longer have the hard core dealers who'll stand out in the chill of below freezing weather to sell poison. (knock on wood)

Homeless blanket
Speaking of the cold and homeless the Hypotherma Hotline number is 1-800-535-7252. Stick it in your list of contacts or phone numbers. Though plenty old timers know how to deal with the weather, there are those who need help. The Hypotherma folk typically try to talk those who are on the outside when the weather gets below 32F and try to get them to a shelter or give them stuff to keep warm, like those gray blankets.

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